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Monday's Frugal Happenings

June 2nd, 2009 at 12:56 am

Monday's frugal triumphs

I hung clothes outside on the line. Who would have thought I would be excited about laundry? But every time I hang a load of clothes outside I get so excited about saving that electricity on the dryer.

I rented a movie from Redbox today using the code that was sent to my phone this morning. Free entertainment tonight! (I rented "Bride Wars"; not much of a selection when I went this afternoon.)


Monday's frugal oops

I really need to plan menus to make fewer trips to the grocery store. Even though I only picked up what was on my list (to make dinner tonight), I still used gas to get there - not to mention all that time I spent shopping that I could have been spent gardening.

So here's my menu for the week. Since I'm going to do my "big" grocery shopping on Friday, I have to work around what I already have in the house to get through the week

Mon - elbow casserole
Tue - sweet & sour chicken in the crockpot
Wed - hotdogs (cookout!) & pasta salad
Thu - sloppy joes
Fri - baked chicken salsa


Monday's spending

$3.48 Groceries - again

2 Responses to “Monday's Frugal Happenings”

  1. KikiKayB Says:

    I'm curious what this baked chicken salsa is!

  2. PottersClay Says:

    Baked chicken salsa is so easy, but it is good.

    I put boneless chicken breasts into a small casserole dish, pour in a jar of salsa, and sprinkle some shredded cheddar cheese on top. Then bake (covered) at 350 for about an hour. I also have some brown rice in the cupboard, so I'll cook that up too.

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