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My Goals

My short term financial goals (by 12/31/2009)

  1. Have $15,000 in savings account combined
  2. Draft a new will
  3. Open a Roth IRA and max it out with $6k
  4. Open a Roth IRA for hubby and max it out with $6k
  5. Find better deal on auto insurance currently $529/6 months renewing July 2009
  6. Find better deal on homeowners insurance currently $1,082/year renewing March 2010
  7. Declutter - so I can find everything and never have to buy something I already own but can't find

My not-so-long term financial goals (by my 55th birthday 10/17/2012)

  1. Have the home equity loan paid off currently $52k with last payment scheduled for Sept 2025
  2. Take a cruise and pay everything in cash
  3. Trade in my Jeep for a car and no loans
  4. Trade in hubby's van for a new van also with no loans
  5. Refinish the sunroom
  6. Put new flooring downstairs
  7. Resurface the driveway
  8. Replace all the gutters
  9. Buy a new computer
  10. Buy a big screen tv - okay, that's hubby's goal, not mine

My long term financial goals

  1. Have the mortgage paid off currently $146k with last payment scheduled for April 2019
  2. Sell the house and buy a smaller house in an over-55 retirement community without a mortgage
  3. Retire!